Dominic was dependent on a bottle to fall asleep for bedtime and for naps, and if he didn’t fall asleep to the bottle, we ran out of options for getting him to fall asleep so he would need a lot of rocking (sometimes for hours!) Dominic hasn’t had the pacifier since the first night of the sleep plan, and we never looked back! He has learned how to self-soothe when he is anxious or upset in his crib and within a couple of minutes he is able to settle himself back to sleep without any interventions. Dominic knows his bedtime and nap time routines so well now and anticipates what is coming next in his schedule, which makes it easier for him to fall asleep, and STAY asleep. Sleeping the amount of hours that his little body needs has greatly improved his energy levels, his overall mood, and his brain development. It has made our time with him so much more special as we are able to create memories with him while he is awake, rather than spending all of his awake time trying to get him to fall asleep! It’s amazing to be able to have a few hours to ourselves before we have to go to bed. Before working with you, we all went to bed at the same time. Our sleep depended on Dominic’s sleep. Now, I am able to watch “This Is Us” live, rather than from my DVR a few days later when I get around to it! It may sound like something small to someone else, but this was something I haven’t done since he was born! The freedom of getting to do what I want during my evenings has made all of this worth it. We found the entire process of sleep intervention so fascinating. It helped us learn a lot about each other and how we both had to work together in helping Dominic through this process. We found that we really needed your support through daily email and our follow up phone calls throughout the plan were the most essential in getting our questions answered. We came across a lot of “what-if” situations that you were able to clearly answer for us. You never once judged us for making mistakes along the way… you just kept encouraging us to keep going and never give up! You also made us realize that we are NOT alone in this. We are so grateful for all that you have done for us. We can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. We were hesitant for so long because the idea of changing bad habits sounds scary, but we are so happy we took the plunge and called you. You have truly touched us by giving us our sleep back, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

+ Danielle (Mom of 1 year old – Long Island N.Y) +

Huge Thank you to Seema for helping us with our 6 month old twins! They went from inconsistent naps, being fussy all the time to being able to put themselves to sleep on their own in a matter of 10 days. With her expertise and support we made it through the end of the program. Our babies are now settling themselves and sleeping through the night! I would absolutely recommend her services if you are having trouble with sleep.

+ Jas (Mom of 6 Month old Twins – Long Island, New York) +

“Before working with Sleep, Rest, and Play, Liel would take 1-2 hours to put to sleep.
Since her plan, Liel is doing more self soothing and taking longer naps. She is no longer using a pacifier and we are putting her down awake. It is amazing to be able to have time to take care of things when the baby is sleeping (laundry, dishes, etc.). We used to do everything in shifts. I now have the peace of knowing that my little girl is comfortable sleeping peacefully in her crib. I thought everything was great. Seema was wonderful, professional, and courteous. Her patience for parent inquiries is truly soothing for parent and baby.”

+ Jessica (Mom of 41/2 Month old, Long Island, New York) +

“Before seeking help from Sleep, Rest & Play, we would have to lay with our 4 1/2 year old daughter until she fell asleep at night (sometimes would take up to an hour). After following her Sleep Plan she is now able to put her self to sleep at night without us having to lay with her. She is getting a wonderful nights rest and as a result behaving very well. It has been AMAZING!! We get to sleep early ourselves and relax. Seema was beyond helpful in assisting us in solving one of our most challenging issues with our daughter. We tried so long to break the habit of laying with her and were unsuccessful prior to working with Seema Thank you ☺”

+ Kari (Mom of 4 1/2 Year old, Long Island, New York) +

The most challenging thing was that Anderson did not want us to leave the room and was giving us a hard time going down for a nap and for sleep at night. He was also waking in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back down in his bed. We are able to leave his room without issue, he settles himself and goes to sleep and he is sleeping through the night! It is amazing to have our evenings back and not feeling guilty that he went to bed upset and crying. It’s wonderful not to have the anxiety of any moment he could be waking up and not be able to go back to sleep in his bed. I was always second guessing myself and if the decisions I made for his sleep behaviors were the right ones, so it was such a relief to have you to talk to and giving advice that was meant for Anderson’s specific issues. I also felt pressure (in a good way!) that I had to report back what was happening and to follow through. I never wanted to have to tell you that I gave up and brought Anderson into bed with me…and so I didn’t. You are wonderful to work with and have successfully helped us get Anderson back into good sleep habits! THANK YOU!!!

+ Maria (Mom of almost 3 Year old, Long Island, New York) +

It would take up to 2 hours putting our daughter to sleep with a bottle and continuous rocking. She would also wake up constantly through out the night screaming until she made herself physically sick. Since her Sleep Plan, after our bedtime routine she goes into her crib awake and happy! She falls asleep usually in 5 minutes. She has been sleeping through the night since night 7 of the plan! Honestly, our lives have been VERY different since we started working with Sleep, Rest & Play. Instead of taking shifts, my husband and I spend time together at night. That’s something we haven’t been able to do in 13 months. We also hired a babysitter, since now we can actually go out at night. The benefits of working with Seema, are that we got our sleep, quality time and SANITY back. Thank You Seema!

+ Sara (Mom of 13 Month old, Long Island, New York) +

Seema, Thank you very much for helping us! Mark sleeps till 630 now he gets excited about the clock turning green. Val just falls asleep in her crib straight through and Mark does too. I don’t know why I waited this long, I was crazy. Valentina naps three hours sometimes two and a half and on her own… AMAZING. This has changed their behaviors and eating habits! I am so thankful for all your help and your confidence in us that we could do it. Words can’t express how much you’ve helped us all. ❤️

Stella, Mom of 2 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 year old siblings (Long Island NY) +

Samantha would need someone to lay with her to go to sleep. A few hours after we’ve left her room, she would wake up and scream for either myself or my husband to go down to her and we would end up sleeping with her for a few hours or the rest of the night. It would go on a few times a night- every day for over 8 months!!!! Now Samantha sleeps alone! She is in a MUCH better mood during the day, she adheres to the routine and is definitely more compliant! It’s AMAZING!!! Jordan and I are able to eat dinner at a reasonable time- together- without the children screaming or hassling us. We get up a little earlier in the morning now that the children are having full nights sleep (11-12 hours), so we start our day more fresh due to our uninterrupted sleep! We can also go out and leave the children with a sitter to put them to sleep doing the routine with no issues!!! You were extremely responsive, calming, reassuring, and had an answer for everything, at any time. I was anxious with doing this, and you gave me (and Jordan) the confidence to persevere and follow through! Just wanted to say THANK YOU again….from the bottom of our hearts. This routine has changed our lives for the better!

+ Marisa, Mom of 5 year old (Long Island, NY) +

I have much less anxiety about sleep and naps and the general schedule now. We are able to attend classes and activities in the mornings that we weren’t able to before. Everyone is more rested and happier! It helped to have someone else officially make the decisions and help us to stick to them. Having someone with professional knowledge to guide us was extremely helpful. Thank you so much, Seema. You really made a difference in the quality of our lives! I can’t believe how easily and quickly we got rid of the pacifier (I thought she’d be taking it to college!! Haha)!! The girls are happier and so are my husband and I! We are so grateful for your patience and support.

+ Kim, Mom of 19 Month old Twins (Long Island, NY) +

Prior to working with Seema, my husband and I were very sleep deprived and never knew what to expect after our son went to sleep because he would wake up at all hours of the night. We hardly enjoyed our evenings together because we would rush go to bed early to get whatever sleep we could. We had tried many different methods and listened to family & friends’ suggestions but nothing was working. After completing this program, we feel much more confident in our ability to put our son to sleep and we know that he is sleeping soundly. We can eat dinner together and watch movies at night without feeling that we are losing out on sleep time. My son is able to take scheduled naps during the day in his crib and can sleep through the night without any feedings. If he wakes up, he now has the skill to put himself back to sleep. His sleeping and feeding schedules are now routine and it is much easier for us to plan out his day.

We had a wonderful experience working with Seema! She gave us a lot of support and written material which was helpful to us. She always gave us great advice and suggestions when we had questions. She provided a structured program in a non-judgmental manner which made us feel very comfortable and secure in this process. She warned us that it wouldn’t be easy but to stay the course. We trusted her and sure enough, our child is napping during the day and sleeping through the night! The program truly works if you stick to the plan!

+ Alicia, Mom of 6 Month old (Long Island, NY) +

Jack was waking up almost every 2 hours during the night, for which he had to be nursed back to sleep every single time. His naps were also all over the place and would never nap in his crib. It was always on the go in the car or in the swing/rock and play. These naps were also only about 20 minutes on average. Jack is now sleeping through the night without having to be nursed back to sleep. He is also placed in his crib awake, which means anyone can put him to bed 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us with Jack’s sleep issues. It has truly made everyone much happier! You were so helpful and always there when I needed to talk or email. Your system is perfect 🙂

+ Abby, Mom of 5 Month old (Long Island, NY) +

Lily had a lot of trouble falling asleep on her own. She was waking up in the middle of the night at any hour and expecting us to help her back to sleep. She was waking up very early in the morning too. She also wouldn’t fall asleep at night on her own. Naps were typically 30 min in the crib and then nursing through the rest of it. Lily falls asleep on her own without crying every night. She naps 1.5-2 hrs in her crib consistently. She sleeps through the night at least 11.5 hrs every night. She also doesn’t cry right when she wakes up and hangs out in her crib quietly usually until we get her.

It is so great to have time at the end of the night to get things done and have time to relax before bed. It means a lot to be able to sleep in the mornings and not wake up to screaming and crying. I felt like I couldn’t leave during nap time bc she would need me and now I know she can nap on her own. It’s so helpful to have a sure 1.5 hr time span to get things done during her naps. We all got our sleep back! We all feel much better and even our marital relationship has improved since we are not sleep deprived and snapping at each other all the time. It’s so nice being able to rely on a good night’s sleep. Lily is crying a lot less in her crib and sleeping for longer than ever before. She wakes up happier and goes to sleep without any complaints. Her sleep improved very quickly. Thank you so much for giving us all the gift of sleep!

+ Joanna, Mom of 19 Month (Long Island, NY) +

Before we started working with Seema, our son was up all night screaming and needing to be held. We saw immediate changes after starting the plan, he was sleeping through the night by day 3 and has not stopped since. It feels amazing to have everything in our life back on track. Physically, financially, work wise and my home is neat and organized again. Seema helped us with a plan to help our child get the needed rest he was lacking. Now that we are all sleeping again, our lives are back on track. We are forever grateful.

+ Katie, Mom of 12 Month old (Long Island, NY) +

There are no tears for bedtime or naps. She is sleeping 7pm to 7am with zero wake ups the past 3 nights. It’s crazy how she knows it’s bedtime/nap time as soon as I start the routine. We are so impressed. I can’t thank you enough. From going from waking multiple times a night to nurse in my bed to completely sleeping on her own in less then two weeks is incredible. Thank you!!!

+ Christina, Mom of 6 Month old (Long Island, NY) +

We’ve sought out Seema’s expert insight for our son, not just once, but twice. First, when he was 18 months, and then about a year later when he was 2 and a half. Up until 18 months his sleep was inconsistent and incomplete. He took short naps and woke very early in the morning to start his day. My wife and I tried everything, and by the time we reached out to Seema we were completely exhausted and desperate.  Seema was supporting us while we supported our son. The plan taught us ALL how to manage healthy and unhealthy sleep habits. We can’t express enough our gratitude to Seema for saving our sleep, not only once, but twice!

+ Ari, Dad of 2 1/2 year old (Long Island, NY) +

Thanks very much! Sean and I are tremendously grateful for the support, understanding and confidence you gave us. Both girls sleep through the night, and I am slowly recovering from a mom’s form of PTSD. I am starting to be able to relax a bit more at night, knowing that I can really relax and the “other shoe” isn’t going to drop any minute. I have more energy and enthusiasm for the girls during the day, and knowing that I have a break at night gives me more patience too. Now, Sean and I can go out for a date night after the girls are asleep, and we don’t have anxiety about what is happening at home. Thank you!! Overall, you’ve really changed our lives!

+ Laura, (New Jersey) +

Prior to working with Sleep, Rest and Play, Sydney was waking up 5-6 times a night. Bedtime was also a challenge. We have always also struggled with early wake-ups. The positive changes since the Sleep plan are that Sydney now enjoys bedtime and does not question or challenge any part of the routine. She is able to put herself back to sleep easily when she wakes up at night and does not leave her bed. She stays in her bed until the clock turns green and is so proud of herself. We are all so much more rested now. Putting Sydney to bed and knowing that we can all relax and know she will get a full night’s sleep is very reassuring, especially since we also have a newborn who has wake ups in the night. We felt accountable to someone and were reassured to have an expert confirming that what we were doing was going to work. Thanks again! We are very grateful to you.

+ Amanda, Mom of 3 Year old (Long Island, NY) +

The most pressing sleep challenges our son was having prior to working with Sleep Rest & Play were that he was unable to fall asleep unassisted. He was not able to settle himself during night wake ups. He took extremely short naps and he had no schedule whatsoever. The positive changes since completing the Sleep plan are that our son is able to be put into the crib awake and fall asleep on his own. He is also able to fall back asleep when he wakes up during his naps or overnight. He is now taking 2 naps per day which average 1.5 hours each! His mood has improved greatly and he is even eating better, which was also a problem we were facing. Now that we have our evenings back we are able to clean the house, wash bottles, and even relax and watch some TV! We are also able to go to sleep at a more reasonable hour. Having the support system was key—being able to ask questions in real time as we came up with new issues along the way.

+ Kristen, Mom of Jack 7 Months old (Long Island, NY) +

Before contacting Seema, Zaki was having a very hard time putting himself to sleep and staying asleep. After finishing the 2 week plan, he is now self soothing and sleeping through the night! We thought it would be impossible but he has been great with the nights. This process feels freeing and restful. I feel like a different person after months and months of just no sleep. It makes the hardest job of being parents easier since we get that planned time to ourselves to recharge for the next day. Seema, was easy to talk to, always available and understanding of the challenges we as parents also face during the process. Thank you for giving us hope, pushing us to work through the really tough days/nights and getting us to this point! It truly is life changing for us and Zaki. He is sleeping well, eating well, and reaching milestones because he is well rested.

+ Aneeba, Mom of 8 Month old (Long Island, NY) +

The benefits of working with Seema were knowing that we had a support system to keep us strong and on track when we had doubts or questions. Also having that reliable guidance throughout the entire time to have the reassurance we were doing the right things to help our child achieve the goal to sleep through the night. We are very happy to finally have a full night of sleep on a consistent basis. It has brought peace and harmony back into our lives and has elevated a huge amount of stress. Thank you for your help.

+ Alison, Mom of 3 Year old (Long Island, NY) +

Before we worked on Ethan’s sleep, our biggest challenges were getting into a sleep routine that wouldn’t result in arguments with our child. Additionally, Ethan would wake up and would require large amounts of comfort and attention multiple times each night.
Since working with Seema our nighttime routine has become smoother and we have had a more enjoyable experience getting ready for bed. Ethan has been able to self sooth and has given us more time to give attention to our older child. We are grateful to have a smoother evening and without having a pit in our stomach before bedtime routine. Doing this has given us more quality time with our children. Everything was great even though we were concerned and hesitant initially. We appreciate all of your help and are so happy that Ethan is self soothing. He seems so much happier and well rested.

+ Michael, Dad of 2 1/2 Year old (Long Island, NY) +

It is so amazing having our son sleep through the night. I now look forward to the whole bedtime routine because I know exactly what time my son’s bedtime will be. My anxiety level is down because I always felt my son was not getting enough sleep. During the evenings I am able to clean up from the day, do laundry, and even sometimes relax watching a show or enjoy a warm dinner! The support I felt I had working with you was a huge benefit. I also felt that I had to stick to the sleep plan and routine because I would be checking in with you, whereas when I tried sleep training him from advice I read in books, I gave up much more quickly. Working with you has been a pleasure! Thank you so much for your support, kindness especially on hard days making us feel that we were still doing a good job!

+ Maria, Mom of 19 month old (Long Island, NY) +

Our nights used to consist of laying with my then 3 year old for an hour until he fell asleep. Our routines were always in place but we had created bad bedtime habits. After following Seema’s plan our bedtime routine became gradually easier. Now, almost a year later my 4 year old goes to bed when he’s tired, sometimes even by himself!! We were also able to be proactive with my 2 year old and start healthy sleeping habits right from the get go. Both my boys fall asleep without assistance and sleep through the entire night, often not waking until after 7:15 am!! Working with Seema was the best money I’ve ever spent regarding my children!! Everyone is happy and well rested now!!

+ Melissa (Long Island, NY) +

My son couldn’t go to bed without mommy, he was having to sleep with mommy in bed and needing to hold my ears and nose to help him sleep. He never slept through the night always waking, needing to sleep on top of me. He finally sleeps in his crib and sleeps through the whole night!! It’s amazing ! It’s definitely life changing for our family! If I have to go out to work one night here and there I know my baby will keep his routine and go to sleep for his father. Also we are able to finally have some adult time not watching cartoons. You gave me the confidence to keep battling through in the beginning! I saw the changes you said we would see every day . Thank you !! I wish I came to u sooner!!

+ Christina, Mom of 20 Month old (Long Island, NY) +

My children were staying up very late, fighting me to sleep, and ending up in my bed almost every night. My children are now on a routine, sleeping in their own rooms, and staying there until their clocks turn green. They are also much happier during the day. I have much more free time in the evenings to get done what I need to do. As a single working mom, it was very hard to juggle all the responsibilities of a family. I now have a few hours every night to catch up. I simply do not have the words to describe how beneficial you were to our family. You are honestly a life saver. You gave so much support and made me feel successful even when I wasn’t sure I was.

+ Maria, Mom of 4 and 2 1/2 Year old siblings (Long Island, NY) +

I never thought I would pay someone or a service to help me put my daughter to sleep. I read books and searched the Internet. I read all the advice about letting the baby cry it out. I consulted my doctor. However, I just couldn’t do it. I spent a year waking up at least 3 times in the middle of night. I could barely get up in the morning to get to work. I actually thought that this was good for the baby.

It wasn’t good for the baby or the family. One day I received a group message about Seema and her job as a sleep consultant. I was losing my mind and I thought I have to try something different. I thought about if for a week or two before I gave her a call. In hindsight I wish I had known about her 6 months ago and I wish I didn’t wait this long to consult her.

After just the first day of using the plan Seema created for us, there seemed to be an order and peace in our lives that just didn’t exist before. She followed up with us the very next day to encourage us to stick to the plan and offered some other pointers. We felt a great sense of hope and continued with the plan. It was easy to follow. My husband, mother, and I noticed how happy and rested our little girl was during the day.

I cannot even tell you how good it felt to get my sleeping life back. Like many of you mothers already know, a good night’s sleep is priceless. With Seema’s guidance and assistance, the entire family was able to sleep blissfully night after night.

She has brought a sense of relaxation into our lives and I cannot thank her enough for it. I strongly urge you to call and consult her if you are having difficulty putting your little one to sleep. Your entire family will benefit from her professional and courteous counseling.

+ J. Alexander (Valley Stream, NY) +

My husband and I sought help from Seema because despite everything we had already tried, we were certain that our 2.5 year old twin boys would ever let us sleep again. One of our twins was waking between 4 and 5am every morning ready to start his day. We were all miserable! Most nights he would also wake up at least one time hysterical needing our help to get him back to sleep. If that wasn’t exhausting enough, his twin brother learned how to climb out of his crib and it took well over an hour to get him to bed. It was an absolute nightmare! From the start, Seema reassured me that with commitment and hard work, we would all sleep again soon. She gave my husband and I the support and confidence we needed to rid our boys of “sleep props” and helped us implement a well thought out plan specific to our needs. She made herself available when I had questions or concerns. It was tough in the beginning and I cried A LOT…much more than my boys, that’s for sure, but with our consistent commitment, I am proud to say that our boys no longer need their pacifiers to self soothe. They fall asleep in their toddler beds and are no longer up before the sun rises. We have all slept straight through the night for weeks and it feels so good! I couldn’t be more grateful for what Seema has done for our family.

+ Marissa (Long Island, NY) +

Seema was great! She helped convince us that our kids didn’t need all the “sleep props” we had been using. We learned that they were actually doing more harm than good. Our kids now sleep till 6 (they were waking up at 4:30), go to sleep no problem, and use “big boy beds”. I feel like I have my life back!

+ Mike, dad (Long Island, NY) +

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