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Getting Sleep Ready for School

Summertime often means Camp, Beach, Playdates, Vacations, a later bedtime and naps on the go.  Schedules are put on hold to make the most of those long days. Early mornings and early bedtimes have often not been the norm for Summer. As a new school year approaches and...

Travel Tips for Summer

Well, summer is upon us which means long days, traveling, going on vacation, late nights and having lots of FUN!! I have put together some things to keep in mind when traveling to ensure your little ones sleep stays on track as much as possible and for you to continue...

How to Choose the Right Sleep Consultant for You

When you are struggling with any aspect of parenthood, it’s often hard and pretty scary to put your hand up and say  “i need help”. You can be left feeling vulnerable, like a failure, like you are letting people down. The feelings can be pretty overwhelming.   When...

Spring Forward Time Change

Daylight savings starts each spring season.  It is time to “spring forward” the clocks. It can be a dreaded time for parents of young children because with this, comes an adjustment that does not happen immediately.  This is because children tend to be more...

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