Toddler & Big Kid Package
18 months and up

Long Island Toddler Sleep Help

Toddlers and older children can be whirlwinds. One minute they’re crying, the next they’re laughing, the next they’re trying to literally climb a wall. It’s a great time for the family, even if a bit exhausting at times. One of the most enjoyable parts is how quickly they’re developing cognitively, expanding their vocabulary, solving problems, learning interpersonal skills (sort of), and becoming imaginative.

They’re also harder to control and understand. Somehow, in that rapidly expanding vocabulary, they learned to talk back to you. In their problem solving abilities, they learn to manipulate you. These are regular parts of raising a toddler, but they can also cause other problems, including around bedtime. Many toddlers, full of newfound imagination and ideas, reject going to sleep, and their habits quickly fall out of sorts.

However, while toddlers and older children are the most challenging out of all of the age groups I work with, it can also be the most rewarding. The person that they will one day become is shining through, and helping them make good decisions in their young lives is such an important part of helping them become the best grownups that they will one day be.

What the Package Includes
  • An Analysis of a Detailed Evaluation (completed by parents)
  • A 60/90 Minute Consultation via Skype
  • Bedroom Evaluation and Recommendations
  • A Detailed, Step-by-Step, 10-Day Sleep Plan Customized to Your Child’s Sleep Challenges
  • 8 Follow up Telephone Calls (15 minutes each)
  • 2 Weeks of Daily Email Support
  • Tools to Support the Sleep Plan including Behavior Charts, Routine and Rules Charts, and a Customized Coloring Book
  • A Graduation Certificate and Bedtime Book on Completion of the Sleep Plan
  • Recommendations and Guidelines Moving Forward Once Our 3 Weeks Are Complete

(In-home Consultations are done for those living in Nassau or Suffolk Counties in Long Island at the discretion of Sleep, Rest & Play).

When you work with me,..
I help you every step of the way. I’m not looking to simply throw a list of instructions at you and walk away. It’s my job to make sure that everything stays on track, to answer your questions, and to be there even when it feels tough. I don’t judge or criticize you in the least, but instead focus on making sure you feel confident in the process and the plan we have created. What this all means in the end is that both you and your little one get the sleep, relaxation, and rest that you need and deserve. 

Toddler Sleep Help in Long Island

Why Healthy Sleeping Habits Matter for Your Toddler

I understand the daily struggles that come with a sleep deprived family. Frustration – even resentment – builds over time. You’re always tired and sluggish, rarely spending time on rejuvenating activities that you used to rely upon, and you probably feel at least a little bit hopeless. It happens all the time, though knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

But what I also understand is that it’s not just about the daily struggle. I think of it like this… Eating one hamburger isn’t going to make you overweight. But eating a hamburger every day just might, which can lead to more serious health problems down the line. Sleeping is not so different. A bad night of sleep here and there isn’t going to be terribly harmful for you or your toddler. But bad nights of sleep on a constant, regular basis will.

In fact, the science behind the importance of sleep has become much more developed lately, linking healthy, regular sleeping habits to all kinds of health benefits. The same is true for your little one. Sleeping well has all kinds of physical and psychological benefits; and, while you might not notice them on a day-to-day basis, you do realize them over time. But by then it can be too late, which is why it’s so important to address this problem head-on.

Ready to Get Started?

I consider it a great honor and privilege to work with so many parents who trust me with their little one’s sleeping habits. It transformed my life, just as it’s done for every single family I’ve worked with.

I know how busy and overwhelmed many parents feel in today’s world and that this can feel like a problem that you’ve just got to power through. But trust me, investing time and energy into solving your sleeping dilemma will have so many positive effects on your life. And I’d love the opportunity to show you the way.

If you’re ready to get your toddler or older child back on track, book your free consultation today!

Long Island, NY toddler sleep help is just around the corner!

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