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18 months and up

Long Island Toddler Sleep Help

How I Can Help Your Toddler’s Sleep

I work with exhausted parents like you, who are struggling with sleepless nights and nap struggles.

You are going deeper into exhaustion and survival mode, you are overwhelmed and frustrated with all the general “sleep advice’ which is not working.

By giving you a step by step plan and tools to get your children sleeping on a predictable schedule, you gain the confidence to tackle these challenges.

This allows you to enjoy your evenings again, fill your own attention cup and enjoy the parenting journey with well-rested children.


Do You:

  • Spend your evenings consumed by anxiety, unsure of what the night will bring?
  • Feel frustrated and burnt out?
  • Feel disconnected from your partner, find yourselves bickering and disagreeing about things?
  • Have no time to “get things done”?
  • Have less patience with your child?
  • Tired of the bedtime battles?
  • Second guess yourself and your ability as a parent?
  • Feel that you are not enjoying this parenting journey?

These are all the things tired parents report to me when they get in touch.  They have reached breaking point and can no longer carry on this way.  It’s simply impacting every aspect of their lives.

This is when working with a sleep coach becomes necessary.  With the tools and knowledge you get from one on one coaching with me, that foggy, confused, overwhelmed feeling lifts and you have practical, specific solutions to fit with your child’s sleep challenges.

      • Imagine you had a predictable schedule, knowing that your child will go down for naps and bedtime without a fuss.
      • Picture having a well rested child who is in a happier mood and having less tantrums.  
      • Think of going out with your partner, having conversation and some time for romance and undivided attention again.
      • Picture having time to get your house in order, go to the gym, catch up on work, and with friends. 
      • Imagine having the freedom to unwind and have your evenings to kick back, relax and restore your energy levels for the next day.
      • Consider going to work and being able to concentrate, meet your work/career goals with a clearer, well rested mind.
      • Imagine having peace and harmony being restored in your house.
      • Picture your child actually looking forward to bedtime.

This is exactly what families have experienced on completion of their child’s sleep plans. Moving from utter exhaustion to a clearer mind and the energy to enjoy the time they spend with their children. 

Here is how we take back control of your family’s sleep

We start with an Analysis of a Detailed Evaluation which allows me to create your customized sleep plan for your family 

This is followed by a 60 Minute Video Consultation where we will dive deep into your families personalized sleep plan which covers every sleep scenario, from early morning wakings, short naps, nap resistance, dropping the nap, transition to a big kid bed, bedtime routines, night wakings, and for the older children feeling confident about sleeping.

Not only will your package include a Detailed Step by Step 10 day Sleep Plan Customized to your child’s sleep challenges but you will also receive as part of your plan:

  • Practical steps in dealing with your child’s bedtime stalling tactics and tantrums.
  • The tools to get those reigns back and set bedtime expectations and rules with your child so that they know that ultimately you are in charge.
  • Paper tools to help with Behavior Modifications
  • Bedroom Evaluation and Recommendations

Finally you get the support you need for 3 weeks to implement your plan drama free with… 

  • 8 Follow up Telephone Calls
  • Daily Email Support 
  • Daily Sleep Log Check
  • Recommendations and Guidelines moving forward once our time together is complete.

All of this means at the conclusion of our time together you will…

  • Feel less anxious and more confident
  • Be more productive and get things done, whether it’s around the house, at work, go to the gym, have a home cooked meal.
  • Have more patience for your Child.
  • Have the evening to fill your own cup and go to bed when you want to.
  • You get to make social plans with friends/colleagues.
  • You have the time to reconnect with your partner, watch a movie, do a puzzle, have a conversation.
  • You get your partner back in your bed and your child back in their own room.

    Investment / Price of Package

    Cost of Package: $650

    Toddler Sleep Help in Long Island

    Unlike the general advice and books out there, I give you a  personal plan geared towards your child’s specific sleep challenges.

    I check in with you, point out the successes when it’s hard for you to see them, hold your hand through the process, encourage you, and empower you to feel confident in implementing the plan and sticking to it. 

    I take out the guesswork.

    Most importantly, I give you the priceless gift of sleeping again, not just to your child, but to you too. I give you your evenings back!

    When you work with Sleep Rest & Play, getting the one on one attention you deserve, you will gain confidence in how to tackle all sleep challenges your child is having.

    If you are tired of trying to find the answers yourself, need guidance, a cheerleader and expert help, BOOK a Discovery call with me today.

    Kind words from parents

    “Your approach was very professional and structured but also very calming and reassuring. We were amazed to see Jake develop and grow over the three weeks – staying in bed until the light turns blue, going potty on his own in the middle of the night, and loving his bed!”

    “We tried many different “sleep training” methods on our own without success. The difference in working with you was definitely the level of support you provided. You outlined a very detailed plan and gave us the confidence to implement that plan successfully, in a way that worked for our family. We were 100% comfortable with the sleep plan and that really helped us to stay consistent throughout the process. On top of that, the day-to-day support you provided was PRICELESS. The ability to check in with you daily about any questions or concerns, and make adjustments to our plan as needed, made a HUGE difference for us”.

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