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When your child doesn’t sleep through the night, it can seem like there is no end in sight. Babies and toddlers sometimes have a hard time sleeping, but when you are dealing with a sleepless night, night after night, the exhaustion can be hard to look past.

It feels like you have tried everything. Every tip and piece of advice from your parents, mom groups online, advice from your child’s pediatrician, and a bit of information on Google, but nothing has worked for you. This is where I come in.

I’ll work with you and your child to come up with a plan to get their sleep schedule on track. The hopeless feeling that comes with having a sleep-deprived child won’t last forever. Before you know it, everyone in your home will be falling asleep fast and sleeping through the night.

There is Hope

If you are an expectant parent, chances are you hear at least one comment a day about how you should sleep while you have the chance because once the baby comes, you’ll never sleep again. While there are a ton of families that have experienced children with sleeping issues, that does not mean it’s the only

When I speak to you about the exhaustion and feelings of hopelessness, I speak from a place of experience. Becoming a mother was a beautiful experience but that sweet baby that made me a mom also gave me a run for my money and I experienced many sleepless nights. From projectile vomiting, to nightly visits as a Toddler, refusing naps, I’ve seen it and experienced it too.

Then came additional challenges upon adding another sibling to the family. There were many nights that my husband was home, helping with our babies so I could get at least a little bit of sleep. However, there were also a lot of nights that he was away for work, leaving me to handle things at home on my

What I Can Do For Your Family

Many infants and toddlers have not learned how to sleep through the night. Maybe they simply just need to be fed, maybe they wake up easily, or maybe there is another underlying issue that you haven’t been able to identify. My job is to evaluate your child and give you clear answers on why your child is not sleeping well, as well as providing you with a strategy to address the root cause of the problem.

In the majority of cases, we are able to work through the specific sleep barriers that your child is experiencing and help them get natural, restful sleep. This helps them avoid any unnecessary pharmaceuticals and even risky over-the-counter supplements like melatonin. Over time this leads to more natural and healthier sleep patterns as they grow older, facilitating better health overall.

Your Suffolk County Pediatric Sleep Consultant

If you or someone close to you is having a difficult time getting their baby to adapt to a consistent sleep schedule, or has trouble getting restful sleep, reach out to me today. We will work together to find the specific challenges that are working against your baby’s healthy sleep, and we will strategize to resolve those particular problems.

Sleep is essential for your baby’s health and mental development, as well as for your mental and physical health. No matter where you are located in Suffolk County, such as Commack, Northport, Southampton, Greenport, Smithtown, East Hampton, Huntington, or Babylon, I can help your family, just as I’ve helped many others.