The holiday season is approaching and this can mean travel, late nights, family time and lots of FUN. It can also cause some stress for parents who have just got their kiddos sleep (Infant or Toddler) back on track, with naps going well and bedtime running smoother. The thought of disrupting all of this can seem daunting.

My advice….RELAX! The Holidays are a time to create memories. Now I am not suggesting that you go backwards and let everything go..but some things you can and have to, just keep some semblance of sanity.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the changes the Holidays may throw at you:

1. Tackling Travel

If you are driving to your destination, you can schedule around naps to ensure your little one is rested. Leave around babies first nap time and plan to stop off on the way. You can make a stop during babies “awake time”. Get out the car, stretch your legs, get some fresh air, feed them, grab a snack and continue on your journey. If you are flying..just SURVIVE! Forego placing any lofty expectations of yourself and your little one. Just do your best to keep baby comfortable and if they sleep on you, oh well. If traveling with a Toddler, bring snacks – lots of them!!

2. Set up the Sleep Space

Just as you would at home, ensure the room your little one is sleeping in is DARK. Take your white noise machine with you, bedding for the crib/pack and play, and a lovely if they use one. If you are room sharing, create a barrier between you and your kiddos sleep space. You can hang blankets, set up a dressing screen, get creative.

3. Stick to Routines

Try and stick to routines before bedtime to give them a heads up that it is time to wind down.

4. Honor Daytime Sleep

If you can’t be home to nap baby make sure baby gets a nap during the scheduled nap time in the car or stroller to preserve daytime sleep. If you have a late night, it’s not the end of the world, put baby to bed earlier the next day by 30 minutes.

5. Don’t Go Backwards

If your little one has started to fall asleep independently without the paci, the rocking, the feeding, car rides, don’t introduce old or new “props” to help your little one fall asleep. Keep in mind that changes in sleep environment can mean that your little one may fuss a little more when being put down at bedtime or for naps. Give them the time and space to fall asleep. Hold them to their best.

6. Get Back on Track

Once you get home just set up sleep expectations again and go right back to your sleep routines. It can take a few days but as long as you remain consistent, your little one will be back to sleeping for you and you can spend your evenings reminiscing about the great memories you made.

Happy Holidays!!

About Seema, Founder of Sleep, Rest & Play, Ltd.

Hi there – I’m Seema Bhambri, a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and founder of Sleep, Rest & Play, LTD. I was born and raised in London, England and in 2007, I moved to New York. I have two adorable children, Avani and Anaya. Parenthood is one of the most amazing and challenging roles I’ve taken on. My role as a mom is one of the reasons I became a sleep consultant. I want to show the importance of sleep for their little ones and parents. With good sleep habits, the entire family can be healthier, happier, and more energetic.

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