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Will Solid Food Help Baby Sleep?

One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to getting babies to sleep through the night is the old “cereal in the bottle” routine. It’s been used by parents for generations, and I can understand why it’s so popular. As adults, we know that sleeping on an empty...

The Dreaded Nap

Naps can be the best part of the day for parents/caregivers or the most stressful! If Babies/Infants/Toddlers are napping well, you get to catch up on things you need to, or even have a guilt-free rest yourself. However if you feel that naps are zapping your energy or...

Having A Party In The Crib!

Working with families and their children around sleep, often means that there are some common themes that pop up. One of these is playing in the crib at nap time. If you have a child who is not sleeping well, the idea that they might be playing in their crib is...

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